Access to Exchange

Any private individual or legal entity which has concluded an admission agreement with BSP can operate on the exchange, provided it has settled the balance obligation on the organized electricity market and entered into the admission agreement with BSP.

Any subject wishing to join the energy exchange must complete an appropriate Membership applications and enclose the required documents.

After receiving all the necessary documents, the exchange draws up a Decision on acceptance into membership, an Agreement on access to the exchange, an Agreement on operations within the clearing and settlement system and an Agreement on the method of issuing invoices, and sends these for signing to the company that submitted the application. After paying the accession fee and signing the accession documents, the subject becomes a member of the exchange.

Feel free to contact us at any stage of the admission procedure

+386 1 620 76 87

  1. Provide us with Application forms and Additional documents
  2. Contact Borzen (Power Market Operator)
    • for establishing Balance Group and Scheduling
    • for REMIT reporting (remit[at]
  3. BSP issues and provides you with Admission agreements
  4. Submit Admission agreements to:

    BSP SouthPool
    Dunajska 156
    SI-1000 Ljubljana

  5. Admission procedure is overlooked by BSP

    Applicant's Balance Responsibility is verified at Borzen

  6. Provide us with financial guarantees
    Bank Guarantees OR Cash Deposit
  7. Establishment of technical connection to the trading platform
  8. Start trading