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National Regulatory Authorities approve NEMO proposal to establish European Market Coupling Operator functions to further integrate day-ahead and intraday markets (the “MCO Plan”)

We are pleased to announce that all National Regulatory Authorities approved the MCO Plan on 26 June 2017. The MCO Plan includes all the necessary steps to accomplish a European market coupling operator function to integrate European day-ahead and intraday power markets.

Number of hours with converged prices on SI-AT DA coupled markets grew for 682%

On 21st of July 2017, BSP together with its project parties, commemorates a first year of successful implementation of SI-AT DA market coupling enabling market participants simplify import or export of energy from/to Slovenian market. Expectations of achieving higher efficiency on the daily allocation process have been confirmed since adverse flows have disappeared and hours with converged prices between Slovenian and Austrian coupled markets have increased. With making this border a part of the pan-European Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) also the BSP trading volume has grown.

One year of successful Intraday market coupling on IT-SI Border

A year ago, Italian and Slovenian power exchanges GME and BSP SouthPool, together with the transmission system operators Terna and Eles operationally launched the Cross Border Intraday Implicit Allocation project (the “ID-IA project”), which has significantly improved the ID capacity allocation process on the IT-SI electricity border. In this respect, the Italian ID sessions of MI2 and MI6 were coupled with the correspondent sessions of the Slovenian ID auctions. Market participants accepted the new ID auction sessions well, which is proved through the constant growth of traded volume and increasing number of market participants, which are active during both relevant ID sessions.

The total traded volume of the BSP Intraday market, for the time period from June 2016 to June 2017 amounted to 745.364,921 MWh. The traded volume on the MI sessions accumulated to 496.652,921 MWh, while on the Intraday Continuous market resulted to 275.712 MWh.

The coupling of the Slovenian and Croatian markets: A further step towards the integration of the european power markets

29 June 2017 - The Transmission System Operators ELES and HOPS and Power Exchanges BSP and CROPEX have in 2017 launched a dedicated project with support of both national regulators Energy Agency (Slovenia) and HERA (Croatia). The goal is to implement the European target model for day-ahead Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management on the Slovenian - Croatian border.