Intraday trading

BSP Southpool offered its members a possibility to trade on Intraday and Balancing market on 16th of October 2012.

Intraday Continuous Trading is available via M7 Trading Platform (provided by Deutsche Boerse), which includes all the latest solutions for power traders.

Since 21st of June 2016 there is an opportunity to trade also on Implicit Intraday Auctions on Slovenian-Italian border. Similar procedures as for Day-ahead apply also for these Auctions and members use the same Euromarket Trading Platform.

BSP SouthPool has become a part of Single Intraday Coupling Project (SIDC) on the 19th of November. Members of the exchange will have an opportunity to access the Pan-European integrated intraday market. Detailed information is available on SIDC (XBID) webpage.

As of 21st September 2021, BSP SouthPool and other SIDC parties confirmed successful third wave go-live integrating Italy. Therefore as of 21st September Cross-border capacity on Italian borders is now allocated, both on continuous trading through SIDC and in three intraday regional auctions CRIDAs involving IT-SI and IT-GR borders.

Market messages