On 14th April 2016, the NEMO Committee, representing all NEMOs from across Europe, submitted to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and ACER the plan that specifies how to jointly set up and perform the Market Coupling Operator (MCO) function (the “MCO Plan”).

Subsequently, all NRAs approved the MCO Plan on 26th June 2017.

The MCO Plan details the governance and cooperation rules among the NEMOs and outlines the relationship with third parties. The MCO Plan also defines the transition from the current day-ahead and intraday market coupling initiatives to the single day-ahead and intraday market couplings that form the cornerstone of the European Target Model for Electricity.

The approval of the MCO Plan represents a significant milestone in the implementation of the CACM Regulation and accomplishment of the Internal Energy Market. During the following months, the NEMO Committee will provide the necessary oversight to coordinate and report on progress to implement the MCO Plan and to successfully establish the MCO functions.

The approved MCO plan is available on this link.


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