The Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) is a pan-European initiative dedicated to the integration of power spot markets in Europe.

It is a cooperation between the Power Exchanges APX, BelPex, EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool, GME, BSP and OMIE, and the Transmission System Operators 50Hertz, Amprion, Creos, Elia,, Fingrid, National Grid, REE, REN, RTE, Statnett, SvenskaKraftnät, TenneT TSO B.V. (Netherlands), TenneT TSO GmbH (Germany), TransnetBW, Terna and Eles.

The cooperation operates a price coupling of the Day-Ahead wholesale electricity markets, increasing the efficiency of the allocation of interconnection capacities of the involved countries and optimising the overall social welfare. The MRC relies on one single algorithm, calculating simultaneously the electricity market prices, net positions and flows on interconnectors between bidding zones, is based on implicit auctions and facilitated through the Price Coupling of Regions solution. MRC currently covers countries accounting for 90% of European power consumption.