XBID Market Project is an initiative of Power Exchanges together with Transmission System Operators to create a joint integrated Intraday cross-border market. The purpose of XBID Project is to enable continuous cross-border trading and increase the efficiency of Intraday trading on single cross-border Intraday market across Europe. The wider XBID solution will establish a single integrated European Intraday market.

XBID Market Project provides a central platform, which on one hand collects supply and demand orders and on the other hand the available Intraday cross-border transmission capacities (Shared Order Book – Capacity Management Module). The tender for the selection of central platform provider from 2013, will enable conclusion of cross-border transactions through individual trading systems from different providers.

The Intraday solution enables both explicit and implicit continuous trading and is in line with the European Target Model of an integrated cross-border Intraday market.

In 2013, BSP approached the XBID project as an observer and was consequently granted to acquire all information about development and implementation of Shared Order Book and Capacity Management Module, required for company’s full-membership in the project.

The first and the second design phases were carried out in 2014 with the purpose to comply technical parameters, which have to be met by the selected provider in order to establish a central trading application. Both design phases were successfully completed by the end of 2014.


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