BSP SouthPool ready for the 2nd wave of SIDC (XBID) project go-live on the 19th November

BSP SouthPool will enable members of the exchange to access the Pan-European integrated intraday market

The SIDC solution is based on a common IT system with one Shared Order Book (SOB), a Capacity Management Module (CMM) and a Shipping Module (SM). It allows for orders entered by market participants for continuous matching in one bidding zone to be matched by orders similarly submitted by market participants in any other bidding zone within the project’s reach as long as transmission capacity is available.

Since the start of the SIDC project in June 2018, more than 24 million trades have been completed so far. From the first 3 months after go-live to the last 3 months, there has been growth of around 90% in the number of trades.

Further information about the project available on SIDC (XBID) Webpage.


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