ELES is joining SouthPool for covering its grid-losses

Elektro-Slovenija d.o.o. (ELES) became an exchange member of the BSP Regional Energy Exchange. Their active market participation is expected in the beginning of May 2010.  BSP Energy Exchange enables ELES to procure certain volumes of electricity to balance its grid-losses portfolio on more efficient and transparent way on daily basis.

In the year 2010 ELES started to cover the part of its grid-losses by purchasing electricity from its partners on the daily bases. Representatives of ELES said: “For ELES, the membership on the BSP exchange is just one of the steps in achieving even more transparent and more effective energy purchase of its grid-losses and the balancing of the network system. With our activities on the BSP SouthPool we aim to optimize our costs in purchasing of the electricity and to support the growth of the liquidity on the energy exchange.”

BSP SouthPool welcomes greater ELES’s involvement at the exchange and expects increased activity by the other market participants, leading to improved liquidity and relevant reliable price index for the Slovenian market.

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