Gorazd Ažman was appointed as Acting General Manager of BSP SouthPool

As of June 1st 2010 the Acting General Manager of BSP Regional Energy Exchange is Mr. Gorazd Ažman. He was appointed to the position by the company’s Supervisory Board. Gorazd Ažman has many years of experience in the energy sector, especially in power trading. He has been employed within the BSP SouthPool as Technical director and Procurator since March 2009, before he was Head of Business Development at the Gen-I, trading company, and Trading, Supervision and Analysis Manager at the Slovenian electricity market operator Borzen.

The trading activity on BSP SouthPool greatly increased in spring 2010, which resulted in the formulation of the relevant reliable price index for each hour for the Slovenian market. This is a significant contribution to the transparency of the electricity market in Slovenia. In May 2010, the trading volume on the BSP Regional Energy Exchange reached 12,676 MWh.

BSP SouthPool currently has 28 members: besides all major Slovenian electricity companies also some important large European energy players (GDF Suez (Electrabel), E.ON, EGL, Enel ..). Currently two members took over the role of market makers on the BSP SouthPool (HSE and Gen-I) and two the role of liquidity providers (Borzen, Slovenian electricity market operator and Eles, transmission network system operator in Slovenia).

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