HSE started on 15 March as the first market maker on the hourly auctions at BSP SouthPool

As of 15 March HSE is the first regional trader to sign and actively perform commitments under market making agreement on the Slovenian market at BSP SouthPool. In performing its role of market maker it chose the hourly auctions as the most efficient way of assuring transparent and reliable price index for the Slovenian market.

HSE committed to place buy and sell orders for substantial quantities of individual hourly products in the auction trading system every day. “We expect our engagement in the auctions to facilitate further development of the Slovenian market and its increased transparency, providing advantages to all market participants – to the trading community and to consumers,” said Mr Tomaž Štokelj, Executive Manager Sales & Trading Division at HSE. BSP SouthPool welcomes greater HSE’s involvement at the exchange and expects increased activity by the other market participants, leading to improved liquidity and relevant reliable price index for the Slovenian market.

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