1,000 days of SI-IT Market Coupling

On Thursday, 26 September 2013, the power exchanges (BSP and GME) and transmission operators (ELES and TERNA) performed market coupling between Slovenia and Italy for the 1,000th time. The total allocated volume of DA capacity in the direction from Slovenia to Italy, since the introduction of Slovenian-Italian Market Coupling on 1 January 2011, amounts to 7.384 GWh, which is 91,83% of the total available DA capacity. The total traded volume at BSP in the same period amounts to 10.093 GWh.

As the volumes keep increasing, the allocated volume of DA capacity in the direction form Slovenia to Italy in 2013 already amounts to 2,609 GWh and traded volume at BSP to 4.143 GWh, as of 26 September. Traded volume at BSP thereby corresponds to 47,43% of Slovenian market consumption.

“Slovenian-Italian Market Coupling is the first implicit allocation of DA capacity  between two neighboring markets in the 8th Region. The share of liquidity between coupled markets significantly increased market depth and traded volumes at BSP, it allowed all spot market participants to benefit from cross-border trade and enabled formatting of regionally recognized SI DA market price indices”, explains Anze Predovnik, Managing Director of BSP.

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