Introduction of Complementary Regional Intraday Auctions (CRIDAs) and implementation of new quantity resolution

In aim of increasing the overall efficiency of intraday trading by promoting competition, increasing liquidity, and enabling more efficient utilization of the resources across Europe, a new single pan European intra-zone intra-day electricity market will

Starting with September 21, 2021 for the delivery date September 22, 2021 CRIDAs will replace current Intraday Auctions (M2, MI6) The new CRIDAs will have different delivery hours, Gate Opening Times (GOT), Gate Closure Times (GCT) and time for Result publication.

With the introduction of CRIDA auctions, the current MI6 auction for the delivery date 21.09.2021 will be canceled.

CRIDA 1 (EM platform MI1)

  • Delivery hours: H1-H24
  • GOT: 13:00 (D-1)
  • GCT: 15:00 (D-1)
  • Result publication: 15:30 (D-1)

CRIDA 2(EM platform MI2)

  • Delivery hours: H1-H24
  • GOT: 15:30 (D-1)
  • GCT: 22:00 (D-1)
  • Result publication: 22:30 (D-1)

CRIDA 3 (EM platform MI3)

  • Delivery hours: H13-H24
  • GOT: 22:30 (D-1)
  • GCT: 10:00 (D)
  • Result publication: 10:30 (D)

With the introduction of the CRIDAs on September 21, the allowed quantity resolution for all auctions including Day-Ahead auction will change from 1MW to 0,1 MW.

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