Market maker agreement with HSE and GEN-I at auction trading

In order to adjust BSP SouthPool Slovenian day-ahead market session' times to other trading activities on Slovenian energy market BSP SouthPool introduced new sessions' times. Changes were immediately well accepted among traders: HSE and GEN-I have already sign a market maker agreement at auction trading on Slovenian market at BSP SouthPool.
With 15th March 2010 sessions' times on the Slovenian day-ahead market are changed. Auction Session Call Phase is prolonged for 15 minutes (until 8:45) and Continuous Session is prolonged for 2 hours (until 12:00).

New auctions’ times offers traders many benefits: market position optimisation, lower risks, less technical/human resources involved in the trading process.

Based on new changes in place HSE and GEN-I are first two market participants extending their market participation contract with market maker agreement. HSE and GEN-I will act as market makers on the Slovenian market and will place buy and sell orders in the trading system on a daily basis, thereby insuring basic liquidity. Therefore we expect that new sessions’ times will bring more liquidity to the market, establish relevant price indices and increase market transparency.

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