Public consultation results on Harmonized Maximum and Minimum Clearing Prices methodology SDAC and SIDC


NEMOs published the above-mentioned consultation on the NEMO Committee website on 5th May 2022. The consultation period ended on 15th July 2022.

The consultation received eighteen 18 responses from Stakeholders. Considering the responses of Stakeholders, NEMOs’ view and current market situation, NEMOs found that concerns and issues brought forward in the past few months support a need to amend the existing HMMCP methodology. Therefore, after careful consideration of all proposals, NEMOs will propose an amendment of HMMCP methodology.

NEMOs plan to submit the amended HMMCP methodology to ACER in September, for its approval.

You can check the responses by Stakeholders here:

Also the full Note is attached below.

Note to Stakeholders - Responses to consultation on HMMP methodology 2022-0a3da9edea0d25b4b67e44af589d4f09.cleaned.pdf (99.0 KiB)


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