The interconnection between Hungary and Slovenia in operation


The Slovenian (ELES) and the Hungarian (MAVIR Ltd.) Transmission System Operators hereby announce that the planned physical connection between the Hungarian and the Slovenian electricity systems was established on the scheduled date of 30th June.

The transmission system operators ELES, MAVIR, and HOPS carried out preliminary tests and measurements of the newly built international connection, which will provide a more stable and reliable operation of the electricity system at the 400 kV voltage level and contribute to an even the stronger connection of the mentioned markets to common EU internal electricity market.
As of Thursday, 30th June 2022, the transmission line is operating as testing and trial-run are underway. From the market perspective, the interconnection will be included in the cross-border capacity calculation process starting from 6th July 2022.

You can see full news on ELES website:

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