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Members of Slovenian-based exchange can now enjoy benefits of automated intraday trading 

With a 2017 trading volume of 7,5 TWh, Slovenian-based BSP SouthPool is a relatively small but fast-growing energy exchange in central Europe with members from all over the continent. The exchange’s rapid development is clear from the fact that intraday trading in 2017 increased by more than 50% in comparison to the previous year. In the last couple of years over a half of the total final electricity consumption in Slovenia gets resold via exchange. The value of transactions concluded exceeds 340 million euro annually. BSP has already implemented market coupling across the Slovenian-Italian and Slovenian-Austrian borders, and aims to play an important role in the coupling of SEE energy markets into the planned unified European electricity market. In addition to operating the exchange, BSP provides offer matching, trading platform, settlement clearing and financial settlement services.

Slovenia is currently capable to cover around 80% of its electricity needs by domestic production. Several projects are underway or in planning to increase domestic capacity, from thermal plants to hydro and wind projects; meanwhile demand continues to rise. Integration with the coming common European energy market will bring further new opportunities and challenges to regional and local market participants. The specific impacts to the market are not yet entirely clear, but change to the energy trading landscape is certain. 

With the Periotheus autoTRADER, which is now certified for use on the SouthPool exchange, sophisticated algorithms carry out the trading process much faster than possible with manual trading, while taking into account influences such as production, demand, weather, physical limitations of plants, etc. A variety of pre-defined strategy packages is available to cover all typical use cases. Traders have full control over parameters and limits and can even stop the system immediately if necessary, and are free to concentrate on monitoring and optimising performance. Advanced users can even develop their own custom trading strategies.

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