Exchange Bodies

Exchange Bodies are:

  • Management

    is the body managing the BSP operations and determing the general directions of BSP strategy and development;

  • Market Supervision

    is the body overseeing and monitoring the entire trading process and management of the trading system in accordance with the rules;

  • Exchange Arbitration

    is a permanent, specialised and independent exchange body, which will enable fast and confidential dispute resolution that results from or in connection with trading, clearing and any other exchange operations involving BSP and/or its services in accordance with the rules; 

  • Members Chamber

    is the body representing interests of all exchange participants in relation to BSP;

  • Exchange Council

    Members Chamber is lead by Exchange Council that also coordinates the work of Members Chamber and Market Committees; and

  • Market Committee

    is the body representing interests of exchange participants active in the individual country of BSP operation in relation to Members Chamber

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