Intraday Market Setup in Serbia 2023

In September 2022, SEEPEX partnered with BSP to launch a project to establish a Serbian Intraday Continuous market. The ADEX Group's synergy has produced its first significant and concrete result.

The main scope of the project was the provision of a platform for the continuous trading of electricity in Serbia, thereby enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the country's energy market.

Through the partnership, valuable knowledge and skills have been transferred, significantly contributing to the advancement of the Serbian energy market.

Serbian Intraday Market operates on the M7 trading system, which is also utilized by several power exchanges in Europe, while the European Commodity Clearing (ECC) provides clearing and settlement of transactions.

The launch of the Serbian Intraday Continuous market is a great achievement that demonstrates the persistent growth of the Serbian energy market.

New market enables energy traders to buy and sell electricity in real-time, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in the management of energy supply and demand. With the introduction of the new platform, the Serbian energy market is poised to become even more dynamic and competitive, offering new opportunities for producers and consumers alike.

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