Become a member

In order to become a member of the BSP Energy Exchange, interested parties must meet certain prerequisites.

  • The establishment of a balance group with the Slovenian Power Market Operator Borzen
  • Membership with ECC Clearing house as a Non-Clearing Member (NCM) or Direct Clearing participant (DCP)

Admission process:

After meeting the necessary requirements, applicants shall submit all forms and supporting documents either by sending the physical copies to BSP or by emailing them to

  • Exchange participation form
  • Market participation form
  • KYC form
  • Supporting documentation

Once all required documents are received, the exchange will issue a Decision regarding acceptance into membership and prepare relevant Agreements. Upon signing the accession documents and paying the membership fee, the applicant becomes a member of the exchange.

Complete list of exchange members can be accessed through the official websites of BSP and Adex.

Market messages