Intraday market - Increase in trading volume / SIDC expansion to Italy planned in Q1 2021

Intraday trading volume in March 2020 reached 116 GWh

BSP SouthPool has noticed a significant increase in Intraday continuous market liquidity since joining the SIDC project in November 2019. Intraday continuous trading volume in December 2019 amounted 98 GWh, in January 2020 85 GWh, in February 2020 74 GWh and in March 2020 78 GWh. Intraday auction trading volume (MI Auctions) in December 2019 reached 40 GWh, in January 2020 43 GWh, in February 2020 47 GWh and in March 2020 38 GWh.

A further expansion of SIDC project to Italy and Greece is planned in Q1 2021 (press release 2.4.2020).


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