Long-term financial products - Launch in Q1 2019

Ljubljana, 25th October 2018. A workshop about introducing slovenian long-term financial products on EEX (European Energy Exchange AG) took place at Kristalna palača in Ljubljana

Mr. Steffen Riediger (Head of European Power Derivatives at EEX) expressed his opinion, that the need for implementing slovenian long-term financial products already exists for quite some time on the market. The market has reached its maturity and trust, but still has a big potential for substantial growth. European Energy Exchange currently offers trading power futures for 17 markets.

Trading with slovenian long-term financial products will become possible in the Q1 2019. "This will enable traders to hedge against price risks up to 6 years in advance", mentioned CEO of BSP SouthPool Energy Exchange Mr. Anže Predovnik. There will be possible to trade yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly products. Slovenian power exchange index for day-ahead trading (SIPX) will therefore become an underlying for the future electricity price calculations.


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