SDAC Decoupling training session with Market Participants 03/11/2021

Single Day Ahead Coupling (SDAC) parties would like to invite you to an SDAC decoupling training session, which will be held on 3rd November 2021.

Since the go-live of Multi Regional Coupling (MRC, jointly with 4M MC forming SDAC) in 2014, more than 2,700 successful market coupling sessions have been conducted. In the last 2 years, three major incidents have happened that led to a partial decoupling of the SDAC Market.

As part of the SDAC evaluation of these three incidents, recommendations have been made to perform training sessions involving all operational parties (Transmission System Operators [TSOs], Nominated Electricity Market Operators [NEMOs], Central Clearing Parties, Shadow Auction entities, etc.) including Market Participants. This training session is organized to give all parties involved the opportunity to validate that they are properly prepared to handle such a day-ahead market decoupling incident in real operations and real-life conditions.


Next steps regarding training session:

  • 06/10: Distribution of detailed information package to the Market Participants
  • 20/10: Market Participant registration deadline towards its NEMO/JAO
  • 03/11: Execution of the full decoupling training session
  • 10/11: Collection of market participants’ feedback on the training session

The next training session will take place on 3rd November 2021. Please confirm your participation until 6th October 2021 to

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