Core Flow-Based Market Coupling projekt se bo začel čez 2 tedna


Čez 2 tedna se bo Core Flow-Based Market Coupling projekt začel. Začel se bo z trgovalnim dnem v sredo, 8. junija 2022 za datum dobave 9. junij 2022.

Glavne spremembe pri spajanju trgov v SDAC bodo naslednje:

  • The Flow-based model is an alternative to the ATC network constraint which by using the flow based parameters allows a more precise modelling of the physical flows. The flow-based constraints are given by means of two components:
    • Remaining Available Margin (RAM): available margins on critical network elements
    • Power Transfer Distribution Factor (PTDF): ratio which represents the effect of commercial exchange between bidding zones on utilization of the CNE
  • Changes to Shadow Auction topology
  • Polish and German virtual bidding zones
  • Introduction of financial transmission rights: Borders that shall be switched from PTR to FTR: AT-SI, CZ-DE/LU, CZ-SK, HU-SK, HU-RO, HR-HU, PL-CZ, PL-DE/LU, PL-SK, SI-HU. There is an special interstate agreement between SI-HR, PTR shall be maintained on this border. As SI-HU border will not be commissioned before Core FB MC go-live, the monthly allocation can be launched after the Core FB MC Rollback period,
  • Partial decoupling of a single Bidding Zone occurs if a NEMO in Non-MNA area or if all NEMOs in MNA area encounter severe technical issues and cannot share their Order Book with other PCR Matcher Brokers, in such cases the CORE TSOs will replace flow-based capacity data with zero flow-based parameters and set the CZCs for decoupled Bidding Zone to 0. The FB domain is put to 0, the values used for Core internal Capacities are the same as for potential Shadow Auctions,
  • Timeline changes: SDAC Full Decoupling deadline to shift from 14:00 to 14:20, and SDAC Partial Decoupling deadline to shift from 12:45 to 13:05. → This means there is 20 minutes more time to solve the issue at hand and thereby further reduce the risk of a Partial or Full Decoupling,
  • Core Rollback, which is a process of switching back to pre-Core systems and procedures after Core FB MC go-live. This is a safety measure in case of failure, because of major change that is Core FB MC in the SDAC.

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