Intraday Auction Market

BSP offers an implicit auction auctions (MI1, MI2, MI3) for its market participants.

Since 21st of June 2016 there is a possibility to trade Implicit Intraday Auctions on Slovenian-Italian border.

This is an European Pilot Project, which enables you to trade Day-ahead and Intraday Auctions on the same, Euromarket Trading Platform.

Important facts:

  • On Implicit Intraday Auctions remaining cross zonal capacities from Day-ahead auction are available for market coupling (Values can be modified by TSOs prior publication)
  • The same auction parameters as for Day-ahead market apply:
    • Products:         Hourly
    • Max Price:        3,000 EUR/MWh
    • Min Price:        -500 EUR/MWh
    • Price Step:       0.01 EUR/MWh
    • Quantity Step:  0,1 MW
  • Implicit Intraday Auction timings are described in the table below
No. of tradable hourly products 24 (H1-H24) 24 (H1-H24) 12 (H13-H24)
CZC publication 14:45 (D-1) 21:45 (D-1) 09:45 (D)
Gate opening time 13:00 (D-1) 15:30 (D-1) 22:30 (D-1)
Gate closure time 15:00 (D-1) 22:00 (D-1) 10:00 (D)
Result publication 15:18 (D-1) 22:18 (D-1) 10:18 (D)

Market messages