Clearing Service in North Macedonia 2023

BSP and EPEX have successfully joined forces once again for the establishment of the North Macedonian Day-ahead market with the Macedonian Electricity Market Operator (MEMO), building on their knowledge and expertise of a parallel project.

The MEMO chose the EPEX-BSP consortium as the most favourable service provider among the four competitors.

BSP and EPEX collaborated with MEMO to develop a comprehensive plan for the implementation of all necessary components of the Day-ahead market to ensure that all aspects of the market were considered.

BSP provided a clearing solution and coordinated the overall design of the project, including the technical specifications of the clearing application and the creation of a detailed plan for testing the localized clearing solution. Joint efforts ensured that the clearing process was efficient, effective, and met all necessary requirements.

The Macedonian power exchange started initial operations in an isolated mode, with plans for day-ahead market coupling with other countries in the region.

This strategic move by MEMO is aimed at enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the power exchange, while also promoting regional cooperation in the energy sector. The coupling of day-ahead markets will enable the exchange of electricity between countries, thereby facilitating the optimal utilization of available resources and reducing costs. As such, the Macedonian power exchange is poised to play a pivotal role in the development of a robust and sustainable energy market in the region.

The Macedonia day-ahead market with the clearing solution became operational on May 10, 2023.

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