Market Monitoring

BSP’s Market Monitoring team is an independent section that follows the ACER guidance on the application of REMIT. The team, with its own developed algorithm, monitors all BSP’s market segments for any suspicious activities and ensures transparency, integrity and a level playing field for all our members.

Alerts, generated by monitoring tools, are subjected to an ad-hoc analysis. If any potential breach of REMIT is detected, we notify the Energy Agency, the national regulatory authority of the Republic of Slovenia (AGEN) and the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

AGEN investigates such cases, and if a breach is confirmed, the market participant responsible is penalized based on the type of breach and its impact on the market.

The electricity market continuously implements new products/segments and market participants using a different, more automated, approach to actively participate in the market for optimization of their portfolio. Therefore, the Market Monitoring team closely cooperates with the NRA, ACER and also participates on webinars, seminars and training to acquire new knowledge.

If you noticed any suspicious exchange market activity or potential market anomalies, you can contact us on

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