Intraday Continuous Market

The Intraday Continuous Market is conducted in a manner of continuous trading in which market participants in the trading phase submit anonymous standardized and user-defined products in the ComTrader trading platform. Transactions are concluded on the basis of the price/time priority criterion.

The traders can submit orders with a quantity from 1 – 999 MW, rounded to 1 MWh and a price between -9999,99 € and 9999,99 €.

Predefined product:

  • Base 00:00 – 24:00
  • Peak 08:00 – 20:00
  • Hourly product
  • 15 min product

User-defined product:

  • Buy or sell order defined by the user and constituting of at least two consecutive predefined products of the same delivery day

Trading phase:

The Trading phase shall take place 1 day before the delivery day from 15:00 till 60 minutes prior to product expiration on the delivery day.

Registration of schedules is performed in line with valid rules set by Slovenian Power Market Operator Borzen d.o.o.

Balancing Market

The Balancing market is embedded in the Intraday Continuous Market in which the Transmission System Operator (ELES) buys and sells electricity for the settlement of imbalances in the electricity system. For trading on the Balancing market the same rules as for the Intraday market are applied. The only difference between these markets is a prolonged trading phase on the Balancing market (with regard to the Intraday market) for one hour, until product expiration. Trading results for the Balancing market are part of Intraday market results.

Market messages