The Slovenian Day-ahead market is conducted in a manner of auction trading in which market participants in the trading phase submit anonymous standardized hourly products on the EuroMarket trading platform. Products are limited by price range from -500 €/MWh to 3000 €/MWh and with a quantitative interval of 1 MW.

Calculation of the marginal price is based on a trading platform algorithm and is described in the Trading Rules.

Auction trading is divided into the following phases:

  • the call phase runs to 12:00, however, it is possible to enter bids 8 days prior to the trading day. In this phase, orders can be entered, changed or deleted, and the participants can see only their own orders;
  • the freeze phase runs from 12:00 to at the latest. During the freeze phase, the Market Supervision can examine the orders and react in case of any irregularities;
  • price determination is made between 12:05  and 12:57. Marginal prices calculated at auction are shown to the trading members;
  • after the price determination phase, the trading members have an overview of the marginal prices and their own deals.

Registration of schedules is performed in line with valid rules set by Slovenian Power Market Operator Borzen d.o.o.


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